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Trainer Cleaning Pricing

Please note: this service is not available in all areas

Sneakers Cleaning
*We do not clean couture trainers (value over £250)

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Get trainers looking like new again

Are your favourite trainers ingrained with dirt? Don’t throw them away just yet, London’s best digi dry cleaners is now offering trainer cleaning services in the capital and across the UK.

At ihateironing we provide a professional trainer cleaning service for your favourite Vans, high tops, running shoes and more. Our mission? For you to fall in love with your trainers all over again.

We aim to clean, freshen and restore the condition of your sneakers, trainers, runners, and plimsolls, doing our very best to make them as they once were.

As part of the trainer cleaning process we can also have your trainers professionally deodorized before we carefully tissue wrap and package your footwear ready for your delivery.

Here at ihateironing we are dedicated to bringing the highest standards of quality and trainer care to the homes of our busy customers.

Why choose ihateironing’s Trainer Cleaner service?

In addition to our great reputation with experienced and in many cases specialist cleaners, we also offer quick turn around and convenience for customers, with our two step ordering process. Customers have the option of choosing the time slots that work around their schedules in which clothing can be collected and delivered back to them.

Trainers we can clean
We clean trainers of a range of materials including rubber, suede and more.

Standard cleaning requires a minimum of 72 hours. We clean children’s trainers typically for 65% of the adult price.

Customer Notice: As a trusted and responsible cleaner it is our duty to inform our customers that some some tougher stains may not be completely removable. Previous exposure to high temperatures or moisture can also mean that there is a risk of an item losing some of its shape during the cleaning process. While this is rare, we will always inform our customers of the risk prior to proceeding.

This specialist service is therefore only carried out at owners risk and on a best result basis.


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