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Clothing Alteration Prices

We work with the best seamstresses and tailors in our industry, offering expert services catering to all kinds of repairs and alterations. In addition, we offer a quick turn around and convenience for our customers. We'll pick up your items in your preferred time slot and return them right back to your doorstep.

Button Repair
Coat Lining Repair
Curtains Shortening
Dress Shortening
New Zip (0" to 10")
New Zip (10" to 30")
New Zip (30"+)
Open Button Hole
Patch Repair
Re-hem - Dress/Skirt/Coat
Re-hem Trousers (1 Leg)
Remove Front Pocket
Skirt Shortening
Sleeve Lengthening
Sleeve Shortening
Small Repair
Top Shortening
Trouser Lengthening
Trouser Shortening
Trouser Tapering
Trouser Waist In/Waist Out

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